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    1. Best Skincare Brand Australia

    2. Best Natural & Organic Skincare Brand

    3. Best Facial Elixir – Vital C

    4. Best Exfoliating Product – 2-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant

    5. Best Product for Acne – Clarity Balm

    6. Best Foaming Cleanser – Balancing Foaming Cleanser

    7. Editor’s Choice – Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner

    8. Editor’s Choice – Botanique Conditioner


    Last week we won a cache of awards. After I found out, I had an unexpected, emotional kinda day. You know those (mental health) check out ones - where you just want to go back to bed and retreat with the dooner firmly tucked over your head so no one can see you or find you.

    I received a phone call early in the morning from my mother weeping with pride and joy. I read through so many beautiful messages of support and congratulations on social media but I was too numb to respond. These misplaced feelings of sadness and emptiness slowly engulfed me and would not subside. What the heck was wrong with me? I should be basking in the limelight and celebrating.

    I’m a firm believer in moving stuff through my body and honouring the emotional source. I don’t like to carry toxic $#!t feelings around and have them manifest as "disease” or show up somewhere else. So, I don’t suppress but endeavour to understand, preferably without annihilating anyone in my immediate vicinity. Kali hear me roar!

    My express and release (ER) mode last funtastic Friday was a mixed bag. I needed to get to the bottom of the sludgy quagmire - I cried, I exercised, I rode my bike, I meditated, I drank water and herbal teas. I talked to my nearest and dearest who I knew would understand and then I cried some more.

    Then as suddenly as it arrived, "poof" my mood lifted and was gone. I'd unravelled myself back to the trigger. I acknowledged it, took stock and thanked it for serving its purpose.

    Like everything, even emotions are impermanent. Best to imitate nature and let them move through, I say.

    In the thick of emotional turmoil when it’s so insurmountably overwhelming and after lots of vigilant practice, I now have the presence of mind to ask myself: "What would a person who loved themselves do?” Then break it down into the very moment. Like – you're thirsty, you need water. You’re tired, you need to rest. You’re hungry, you need to nurture yourself with some food.

    It’s interesting that after 17 years of alchemical concocting and creating a business to go along with it, when the accolades finally start to come, I was left feeling so flat. I realised at the core that so much of my motivation has come from wanting my father’s approval and wanting to stick it to him even though he’s long past.

    Back to the early morning phone call and my mum reminding me that I was always headstrong and determined to prove myself, especially to my father. So much so, I even studied law and thought I would one-up him and become a barrister.  

    My journey was to be more colourful indeed. I opted out of city life, renounced my past, changed my name and lived in a permaculture community where I home birthed my first child in a tepee, planted trees, painted and grew veggies. Never idle, I always kept up my study of all things natural and spiritual, which fascinated and intrigued me.

    I dabbled in green chemistry by making batches of organic skincare products on my kitchen stove, with Kiyana (who is now works with me) strapped onto me in a caboose. I was pooh-hooed by traditional chemists and advice was hard to come by: "Ah, ya can't make organic products that work. Yer gotta be kiddin' yerself love." (go and learn to crochet instead).

    As a mother and a woman in business, I’ve been so driven and determined at times to the point where I’ve forgotten to nourish, nurture and enjoy the sides of the mountain on the way to the destination (wherever and whatever that is). To stop, to breathe, to take in the fresh air and feel the gentle breeze and sun caressing my face. To take in the milestones my children have achieved. To see them turn into young adults and spread their wings, knowing that I semi successfully guided them into this life while juggling a million other tasks.

    So where to from here?

    I remembered a TED talk (success, failure and the drive to keep creating), that Elizabeth Gilbert gave after she wrote her best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love. It was the pinnacle of her career. How would her creativity survive it's own success? How could she top that? Was that it?

    For me the journey is and has been about organics and skincare but more importantly, the big picture.


    The name Mukti in Eastern philosophy encompasses the meaning of spiritual liberation from fears, ignorance and false knowledge. It’s about getting the message out there and cleaning up our acts. It's about the number of chemicals and toxins we're unwittingly subjected to. It's about the future of this planet and the impact each one of us is making. It’s about our level of consumption, what’s necessary and what’s not. It’s about human and customer relations and making sure each person is treated as special.

    It’s about making a difference that will affect the future in a positive light. If not, then what was all this for?

    A big shout out of thanks to all my crew, both past and present who've assisted me and been a special part of the journey. There's always a team behind a leader and being a leader isn't always an easy task to have bestowed upon you especially when you're a creative.

    Again, muchos gratitude and love. I am most humbled and grateful, especially when I read your lovely comments or reviews. It really does make the journey so worthwhile.

    Mukti X

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